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Vision & Creativity

VISION&CREATIVITY is an interactive course of educational training for all those who wish to acquire methods and procedures to increase the qualitative standard of their business.
To acquire new skills, develop creative abilities, stimulate intuition and motivation and achieve ever more significant and inspiring results is the destiny of every person or business wishing to excel.
This intensive educational training – 16 hours with Patrizio Paoletti – enables you to gain a new outlook, develop greater sensitivity towards opportunities and use practical tools towards the achievement of your personal goals.
The course is particularly suited for: entrepreneurs, managers, chief executives, sales managers, marketing managers, HR managers, professionals, commercial networks, creatives, educators and teachers.

2HD®, in search of the highest human development

Individuals have always asked themselves three existential questions: who am I? where do I come from? Where am I going? The answers to these questions cannot be taken for granted. They come from an attentive research path that creates new answers and comprehension, that motivates participants deeply, and orientates them, giving meaning to daily life. Drawing from Philosophy, Art, Science and Economics 2HD offers knowledge that is an important for all those who are searching and giving the right attention to the process and meaning of their existence.

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