Training events

Make your life extra-ordinary (Rendi la tua Vita Straordinaria, RVS)

Make your life extra-ordinary is the only show-seminar about communication that helps participants in defining new goals, increasing motivation and orienting their lives. RVS is the ideal study program for people who desire to learn the art of communication and the art of motivation, successfully applying both in all fields of life. This seminar is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, trainers, academics, teachers, sales staff, craftsmen, students and all people who desire to improve their lives.

Create your destiny

Create your destiny is a seminar designed to teach time management and emotional intelligence- two concepts which are inextricably connected. Mastering these two concepts is fundamental for avoiding organizational “burn out” and creating a destiny based on action rather reaction. This seminar is aimed at all professionals and those responsible for creating a vision and then realizing that vision practically.

Live passionately

The values of people who changed the world
People who have changed the world are set apart from others by their ability to contact the deepest part of themselves and to live a life driven completely by values. Learning from others in order to discover our own personal values is regenerating, inspiring and enriches our mental and physical resources. Live passionately is aimed at all people who have already perceived the desire to leave contribution for the world and are in search of models that can show the way.

21 min, the knowledge of excellence

The widest vision, learn from the models of excellence
The highest creativity, discover the world of relationships and sensitivity
The most effective strategy, unite and interconnect the parts to gain a global advantage
21min, THE KNOWLEDGE OF EXCELLENCE aims to respond to the needs of our time, promoting a new educational paradigm, a point of reference for all those who wish to improve their interaction with people and the continually changing environment.

Being a leader

Every true form of leadership occurs thanks to four key concepts: mediation, sensitivity, passion and strategy. The practical knowledge of these four concepts can lead, direct and orient the business while overcoming obstacles and the unforeseen events that present themselves on a daily basis for all leaders. This seminar interprets the word ‘leader’ as all people who hold positions where they are required to guide themselves and their teams or groups towards established goals. Being a leader is suitable for the sectors of business, education, art and design, politics, and sports.

The courage to win

Overcome fears to win
Deciding to win and taking responsibility requires courage. To overcome fears and limiting convictions while orienting ourselves toward reaching goals is a personal victory above all. Courage to win is a seminar for people who have already discovered many of their inner resources and are seeking to use them in best way possible on a practical, daily basis.