Educational Paths

Academy of Life®

Course of continual training to develop psychophysical abilities, increase attention and widen the range of daily references
Academy of Life® is a dynamic course that gives participants a deep awareness of the three levels: intellectual, emotional and physical. Extended study in this direction can yield a real equilibrium in life bringing about desired results in all fields of life. This training path is for those who are seeking a deeper awareness about life, people and things.

2HD®, in search of the highest human development

Individuals have always asked themselves three existential questions: who am I? where do I come from? Where am I going? The answers to these questions cannot be taken for granted. They come from an attentive research path that creates new answers and comprehension, that motivates participants deeply, and orientates them, giving meaning to daily life. Drawing from Philosophy, Art, Science and Economics 2HD offers knowledge that is an important for all those who are searching and giving the right attention to the process and meaning of their existence.

Masters course in INA® System (Istruzioni Neuro Associative)

Training course in communication techniques: sensorial perception (listening and observation) and a reorganizing approach to speech
The system of Neuro Associative Instruction (is a group (system) of organized ideas and techniques, selected and transmitted through the use of a specific language (instructions &/or indications) that transmit stimuli to our neurological system (neuro) that orient the whole to obtain specific objectives (associative). INA provides a detailed study of the mechanisms and processes, the procedures and techniques of verbal and para-verbal communication that are at the origin of success.

Development and Communication®

Management training course to develop personal power
Development and Communication is a course comprised of 4 separate meetings which offers participants theoretical and practical instruments for developing the managerial and organizational abilities. This course offers the possibility to learn the real meaning of “happiness at work”, how to organize knowledge and experiences, and how to maintain a vision in the arc of time using the study of market flows, and the most advanced techniques of relational Communication (Comunicazione Relazionale®) and Diagonal Marketing®. Development and Communication is ideal for all people who wish to broaden their strategic vision and to learn new work modalities. The course is geared towards entrepreneurs, directors, in sales, marketing, human resources and general administration.