Custom Training

Finding enthusiasm at work

To Share, collaborate and win together
This seminar was designed as an inter-company event for 30 organizations seeking to bring enthusiasm back into the workplace. Participants learned the three fundamental secrets of every successful team: to share only winning processes, to collaborate both in the most difficult and the most exciting moments by concentrating solely on what is central, to be constantly oriented towards a group victory, and to understand that only together can the group aim for better and more engaging results.

A team of leaders

Know yourself to orient others
A team of leaders was designed for a major bank in Europe. The client had noted a difficulty in team building and general relations within the organization. At the same time, they had also realized that working in teams was easier and rendered more results. Through the course, staff were trained to take advantage of synergies and not be limited to just ‘coexisting’. They developed a shared language for defining winning actions that were satisfying to everyone. The team leaders were trained in taking responsibility and producing the best advantage for the group.

To Move, Communicate and Succeed (MCS)

Methods and tools for effective communication
MCS was created as an interagency event for organizations who had realized that communication had remained more a concept rather than a daily reality. This course was an introduction to effective communication- techniques, practice and practical applications to become aware of the basic mechanisms of communication. Participants were primarily managers and directors in the services industry.