Basic Skills

Speed reading and learning

The subconscious mind has an unlimited ability to learn rapidly. You will learn specialized techniques that will allow you to acquire a new language, which with daily practice, will guarantee you success in reading and memorising… rapidly!

Public speaking

Public speaking is one of the most important and fundamental skills required for success in any industry. This course applies cutting edge research via techniques which help overcome barriers and to generate successful communication to audiences of all types and sizes.

Managing stress, living a healthy life

The pace of work today generates much stress, fatigue and constant pressure on many people by inhibiting the use of enormous resources and capabilities that serve to regenerate, to motivate and ultimately, to achieve important objectives. This course is designed to train participants in reducing stress and its impact on their lives, both professional and private, by learning cutting edge techniques and applying common sense for a more healthy life. This course is for anyone who feels stressed.