About Us

MED medisciplin event LDA (MED) is an international, events and educational information company that works in the following principle areas:

Training events: training over 20,000 individuals annually in events based on cutting edge research applied in interactive and dynamic environments that facilitate learning
Educational paths: providing in depth training courses over several years designed to give individuals and organizations a long term advantage in the comprehension of communication, management and how to maximize human potential.
E-Learning: creating a new way to combine technology and learning while allowing global access to clients in 25+ countries
Bespoke training and education: designing onsite/offsite events and small group seminars issue specific for a particular organizational need. Bespoke services may also include long-term planning and strategic consulting.
Basic skills education: assisting clients in creating the foundations needed to sustain their individual and organizational aims. Basic skills education includes public speaking, healthy lifestyle and speed reading.
Publications and multimedia materials: providing research products and publications that support seminars and courses

MED has decades of experience in delivering training events and educational materials across a range of sectors including government, education, and commercial business- for both multinationals and small enterprises. MED has worked with an array of professionals including doctors, lawyers, scientists, IT specialists, financial specialists, artists and designers on both an individual and group basis.